Sophos XG Firewall version 18

i3 Team ready to deploy Sophos XG Firewall version 18 when it launched , our data centre currently upgraded to latest version to support better features and better visibility :

Other Key Features in XG Firewall v18 :

  • Sandstorm Threat Intelligence Analysis
  • Sophos Central Firewall Reporting and Management
  • NAT Enhancements
  • Firewall Rule Management Improvements
  • Enhanced DDNS Support
  • SD-WAN Policy-based Routing Enhancements
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Intelligent IPS Signature Selection
  • DKIM and BATV Anti-Spam Protection
  • Kerberos Authentication and NTLM
  • Radius Timeout with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • SNMPv3
  • Interface Renaming
  • Jumbo Frame Support

Unrivalled performance, security and control
Sophos XG Firewall takes an innovative approach across all areas of network security. From the way firewalls are managed, to the way they report information and how they work with other security systems around them, giving you an unprecedented level of simplicity, insight, and advanced threat protection.

Sophos XG Firewall – The ultimate security package
With an interface designed to eliminate unnecessary complexity, it enables you to use the powerful features without needing to become an IT security expert.
Advanced protection kept simple
Most firewall products make you set up and manage policies across multiple modules or screens. Not Sophos. We provide a powerful unified policy model that allows you to manage, view, filter, and sort all your user, application and network policies on a single screen.
Potent, powerful … fast
We’ve engineered XG Firewall to deliver outstanding performance. Our appliances are built using Intel multi-core technology, solid-state drives, and accelerated in-memory content scanning. In addition Sophos FastPath packet optimization technology ensures you’ll always get maximum throughput.
On-box reports included as standard
With hundreds of built-in reports you’ll know exactly what’s happening with your users and your network. You get detailed reports as standard, stored locally with no separate tools required. And our unique User Threat Quotient reports show you which of your users are putting your security at risk.
More-in-one protection
You get all the next-gen firewall features you need plus features you can’t get anywhere else – including our
revolutionary Security Heartbeat™, full web application firewall, and complete email anti-spam, encryption and DLP. No extra hardware. No extra cost. Simply choose what you want to deploy.
Simply manage multiple firewalls
Sophos Firewall Manager provides a single console for the complete central management of multiple SF-OS firewalls. And if you also want to consolidate reporting across multiple SF-OS, Sophos UTM v9.x and Cyberoam OS appliances then with Sophos iView, you can.

Security features you can’t get anywhere else

As well as simplifying core network security tasks Sophos delivers innovative approaches to ensure you get even more protection.

Policy templates get you protected fast
Pre-defined policy templates let you protect common applications like Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint fast. Simply select them from a list, provide some basic information and the template takes care of the rest. It sets all the inbound/outbound firewall rules and security settings for you automatically – displaying the final policy in a statement in plain English.

Patented Layer-8 Identity control
User identity takes enforcement to a whole new layer with our patented Layer-8 identity based policy technology enabling user level controls over applications, bandwidth and other network resources regardless of IP-address, location, network or device. It literally takes firewall policy to a whole new layer.

Flexible deployment, no compromise
Unlike our competitors whether you choose hardware, software, or virtual we don’t make you compromise – every feature is available on every model and form- factor.

Automated user risk reports
The Sophos User Threat Quotient (UTQ) indicator is a unique feature which provides actionable intelligence on user behavior. Our firewall correlates each user’s surfing habits and activity with advanced threat triggers and history to identify users with risk-prone behavior.

A revolution in advanced threat protection – Sophos Security Heartbeat™

An industry first, our Security Heartbeat links your endpoints and your firewall to combine their intelligence and identify systems compromised by previously unknown threats. The Heartbeat status is integrated into security policy settings to instantly trigger actions at both endpoint and network levels to isolate or limit access until systems are healthy again. This feature requires Sophos Cloud Endpoint Protection Advanced or Sophos Cloud Enduser Protection.


Sophos XG Series Appliances – at a glance

With desktop models for small businesses looking for Unified Threat Management, to high-performance next-generation firewalls with features for high-availability in datacenter environments, our Intel® based appliances cover multiple deployment scenarios.

Sophos XG Series Desktop Appliances: XG 85 and XG 85w

Technical Specifications

These entry-level desktop firewalls are the ideal choice for budget-conscious small businesses, retail and small or home offices. They are available with and without integrated wireless LAN, so you can have an all-in-one network security and hotspot solution without the need for additional hardware. The Intel dual-core technology makes them highly efficient and as they’re fanless, they won’t add unwanted noise to your office space.

Sophos XG Series Desktop Appliances: XG 105, XG 105w, XG 115, XG 115w

Technical Specifications

These desktop firewall appliances offer an excellent price-to-performance ratio making them ideal for small businesses or branch offices. They are available with or without integrated wireless LAN, so you can even have an all-in-one network security and hotspot solution without the need for additional hardware. Of course, you can also add external access points. With Intel multi-core technology designed for best performance and efficiency in a small form factor, these models come equipped with 4 GbE copper ports built-in.

Sophos XG Series Desktop Appliances: XG 125, XG 125w, XG 135, XG 135w

Technical Specifications

These powerful firewall appliances offer 1U performance with a desktop form factor and price. If you have a small business or branch offices to protect and are working on a tight budget, these models are the ideal choice. They are also available with integrated 802.11ac wireless LAN for optimal coverage and connectivity for your mobile workers. Built upon the latest Intel architecture, our software makes optimal use of the multi-core technology to provide excellent throughput for all your key processes. These models come equipped with 8 GbE copper ports built-in.

Sophos XG Series Rackmount Appliances: XG 210, XG 230

Technical Specifications

The Sophos XG 210 and XG 230 are designed to protect small to mid-sized businesses and branch offices. Based on the latest Intel technology and equipped with 6 GbE copper ports plus one FleXi Port slot to configure with an optional module, they provide high flexibility and throughput at an excellent price-to-performance ratio.

Sophos XG Series Rackmount Appliances: XG 310, XG 330

Technical Specifications

The Sophos XG 310 and XG 330 are scalable appliances suitable for distributed organizations or mid-sized companies. With solid-state drives for on-box reporting, logs and spam quarantine, they’re highly responsive even in high traffic environments. Each model is equipped with 8 GbE copper ports, 2 GbE SFP fiber ports plus one FleXi Port slot to configure with an optional  module. They provide optimal performance and flexibility.

Sophos XG Series Rackmount Appliances: XG 430, XG 450

Technical Specifications

The Sophos XG 430 and XG 450 offer enterprise performance for distributed organizations or larger mid-sized companies. The connectivity options are second to none for rack mountable appliances, with each model coming equipped with a removable 8 GbE copper port module and 2 additional FleXi Port slots which you can configure with your choice of optional modules. For high-availability, the XG 450 also offers unparalleled redundancy features in a 1U appliance with a second SSD (RAID) integrated and an optional second power supply available. 

Sophos XG Series Rackmount Appliances: XG 550, XG 650

Technical Specifications

The Sophos XG 550 and XG 650 are high-performance firewalls equipped to provide protection for larger distributed and growing organizations. They offer CPU technology to effortlessly handle use as an all-in-one solution or a powerful next-generation firewall. The models offer either 3 (XG 550) or 4 (XG 650) FleXi Port expansion bays to tailor your connectivity to your environment. An 8 port GbE copper module is supplied as a default. Hot-swappable dual SSDs and power supplies are standard redundancy features in this class.

Sophos XG Series Rackmount Appliances: XG 750

Technical Specifications

The Sophos XG 750 is a high performance firewall suitable for high traffic datacenter and large enterprise environments. Intel multi core technology and redundancy features such as dual SSDs, power supplies and swappable fans, ensure you’re protected at all times. With a total of 8 FleXi Port bays, one of which comes equipped with a default 8 port GbE copper module, connectivity knows no bounds and can reach a maximum of 64 ports using the optional modules

FleXi Port Modules

Configure your hardware to suit your infrastructure and change it as and when you need to. Our optional FleXi Port LAN modules give you the freedom to select the connectivity you need – copper, fiber, 10GbE – you decide. In some cases, FleXi Port modules are interchangeable within a range of appliances, so, for example, you can use the same module with all of your 1U appliances which saves you money if you upgrade to a higher model at a later date.

Sophos Wireless Protection

Get secure and reliable wireless access all over the office

Simplify your wireless networking by using your Sophos XG Firewall as a wireless controller to centralize your Wi-Fi management and security. Sophos Wireless Protection is included in the Base Firewall license and for example, provides full hotspot support to simply set up guest and visitor access. Our optional access points are automatically set up and configured by the firewall. That means all your wireless clients get complete threat protection too.

Choose your Access Point

Our APs are built on the latest enterprise-class, high-speed wireless chipsets with custom designed antennas, added CPU and memory resources, and hardware accelerated encryption.

Hardware Appliances with integrated WiFi

All our XG Series desktop appliances are available with an integrated wireless access point. Coverage can be further extended by adding Sophos Access Points. Please see the Hardware section for further details.

Sophos RED (Remote Ethernet Device)

Turn any location into a secure location with our Remote Ethernet Devices (RED)

If you have branch offices, retail locations, remote outposts or otherwise need to extend your secure network easily and affordably beyond your main facility, Sophos Remote Ethernet Devices are the ideal solution. Uniquely simple and imminently affordable, RED provides an elegant solution to building a secure distributed network.


Sophos RED makes extending your secure network to other locations easy. It requires no technical skills at the remote site; simply enter the RED device ID into your XG Firewall console and ship it. As soon as it’s plugged in and connected to the Internet, it will contact your firewall and establish a secure dedicated VPN tunnel. It’s that easy.

Sophos Firewall Manager (SFM)

Sophos Firewall Manager (SFM) provides powerful centralized management for all your Sophos Firewalls across multiple customers sites or branch offices all from a single screen. Whether you’re an MSP, Enterprise Network Security Admin, or simply managing a few small offices, SFM simplifies security management enabling consistent enforcement, easy provisioning of new policies, and at-a-glance monitoring of device health. SFM saves you time, money and makes management simpler.

Comprehensive Centralized Management – Manage all Firewall policies and configuration from single console.

Insightful Monitoring – At-a-glance device and network health indicators.

Extensive Administrative controls – Role-based administration, change control and logging.

Flexible Deployment Options – Available as Hardware, Software, or Virtual appliance.

Sophos iView v2

Monitoring a distributed network across multiple locations can be a challenge. That’s where Sophos iView can help. It provides you with an intelligent, uninterrupted view of your network from a single pane of glass. If you have multiple appliances, need consolidated reporting, or could just use help with log management or compliance, Sophos iView is the ideal solution.

Consolidated reporting – Aggregated reporting across multiple Sophos and Cyberoam firewall devices.

User-based Reporting – Our patented Layer-8 user identity provides visibility into user activities regardless of where they’re working.

Security intelligence – Identify potential network issues and possible attacks anywhere across your network.

Log backup and management – Logs data from multiple devices at distributed locations with smart indexing and easy search facilities.

Deployment options – Available as software ISO or virtual appliance.

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