Sophos UTM 9.7 – easier, faster and more flexible and stronger

Sophos UTM 9.7 – easier, faster and more flexible and stronger

What’s new in UTM 9.7?

  • Support for new APX Access Points
    In addition to the legacy AP series access points, UTM 9.7 brings support for the newer Wave 2 APX series access points which can now also be added and managed with UTM 9. This includes support for APX 120, APX 320, APX 530 and APX 740.
  • Certificate Chain support for WebAdmin and UserPortal
    Full certificate chains that are uploaded to UTM for use with WebAdmin and/or UserPortal will no longer be split but will be delivered in full when accessing WebAdmin and/or UserPortal and web browsers will no longer display warnings for these certificates.
  • Certificate Chain Support for WebProxy
    When using an intermediate certificate to sign HTTPS decryption certificates in WebProxy, WebProxy will now build and return a full certificate chain for the generated certificate to avoid browsers showing a warning when not explicitly trusting the intermediate certificate. The root certificate has to be available within the verification CAs.
  • New RED Site 2 Site Protocol
    RED Site 2 Site connections in UTM will now use the same protocol used within XG Firewall for RED Site 2 Site connections. This removes the need to specify legacy RED site 2 site connections in XG Firewall and provides enhancements to the RED site 2 site implementation in UTM.

Drawing on your feedback and requests, Sophos developed Sophos UTM 9.5. This latest update of our award-winning unified threat management (UTM) platform makes managing your IT security easier, faster and more flexible.

And, it includes new features for Web Application Firewall and our next-gen sandboxing technology, Sophos Sandstorm.

So, what does this update include?

Sophos Sandstorm Enhancements

  • Datacenter location selection option for Sophos Sandstorm without relying on DNS based location detection
  • Sandstorm activity reporting expanded to include email attachments for improved visibility
  • Scan exceptions for Sophos Sandstorm to exclude specific filetypes from being sent to Sophos Sandstorm analysis

Web Application Firewall Enhancements

  • WAF URL Redirection allows you to redirect traffic for a WAF protected URL to a different backend system or URL
  • WAF protection and authentication policy templates were added for common Microsoft services for protection and authentication
  • Configure minimum allowed TLS version to improve security
  • WAF Proxy Protocol Support to use the client IP info inside the ProxyProtocol header to make policy decisions and improve logging
  • True File Type Scanning enables you to block uploads and downloads based on MIME type

Management and Reporting Enhancements

  • Download all UTM logs in a single archive
  • Support Access with SSH is extending the existing Support Access feature
  • 64-bit PostgreSQL Database to generate reports with big datasets faster. The existing database will be migrated without impacting any data.
  • SNMP Monitoring of full filesystem to integrate UTM filesystem monitoring in regular SNMP based monitoring solutions
  • Certificate Expiration Notification 30 days before expiration date via WebAdmin and e-Mail, giving you plenty of notice for certificate renewal
  • RESTful API to configure Sophos UTM 9

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